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Through our training, therapeutic work and consultancy you can achieve a number of benefits to your problems, your organisation's problems, the people you work with, manage and provide a service too including:

Being able to Manage Conflict.

Building Confidence and Self-esteem.

Learning to Work With Challenging Behaviour.

We provide this training in two areas, either for you, your organisation, management, staff and volunteers. Or for the people you provide a service too, including students.

Your Organisation & Staff
Personal Safety Training is imperative for any organisation wishing to reduce workplace violence. Our courses and talks are valuable for all staff who may from time to time work with members of the public e.g. face-to-face, customer services, shop-floor, interviewing, home visits, travel, outreach work, lone working etc.

Recruitment & Retention is improved

Your Staff have the Confidence to carry out their work without the fear of violence

"Sev Necati recently ran some Personal Safety / Conflict Resolution training sessions for our employees." The participants really enjoyed the sessions and gave extremely positive feedback. I attended the sessions and think that Sev has a really pleasant and positive attitude and also excellent interpersonal skills.

The sessions were only an hour long but they were really informative and covered a variety of topics all of which gave us an insight into how to both avoid and deal with confrontation and conflict putting personal safety first.

I would highly recommend Sev to anyone looking to source training on these topics"

Tracey Hall Operations, Farnell


"Sev is one of those unique individuals who has the ability to communicate effectively and passionately on her subject matter across all ranges of groups and individuals (staff, management, end-users etc), and never fails to keep a small or large audience energised at any stage of the training or consultancy she provides.

Having vast experience of being a Personal Safety & Conflict Resolution Consultant, Sev absolutely prides herself on having, and working to extremely high levels of integrity, confidentiality and trust.

Always willing and able to respond to any line of questioning on her key subjects, and not only that, but with her pragmatic but professional way of translating 'words into actions' Sev Necati absolutely delivers on what she promises.

The above qualities alone mark her out as someone I would recommend without hesitation to any individual or organisation requiring her services."

Glen Addis, Senior Relationships Manager at East London Business Place

Service User's & Public
Personal Safety Training that allows the people that you provide a service too, reduce their fear of violence. Our courses and talks allow children, young people and adults that attend and engage in your services, such as, schools, colleges, community and council services to become more confident, aware and better able to manage conflict.

Reduce the Cost to You and Public Services

Increase the Confidence in Individuals so they are able to Manage their own problems more effectively and Reduce Repeat Victimisation

"Situations I wasn't aware of I now know how to deal with."

"I feel more confident on how to deal with and manage conflict."

"The presentation was very clear and informative."

All our work is carried on-site so your clients, service users, staff, volunteers and management feel safe and comfortable.

All workshops and talks are strictly confidential and will give you techniques to increase your self-esteem and confidence and above all be fun!


You can book your Training Courses online using Paypal.

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