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Some of the names of our clients have to be changed for client confidentially purposes.

Our innovative women in business training "The Self-Esteem Programme" has been a success! We have worked in partnership with East London Business Place and the Fit for Legacy programme to deliver a series of these workshops. As a consequence of this female SME's have won more business and been inspired!

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Vanilla Orchid is a bakery that creates luxury, bespoke cakes for every occasion. From baking for family and friends, the demand for Hope Mutongwizo cake has grown and she now has corporate clients as well as wedding and birthday requests. She heard about the "Fit for Legacy" programme through a friend and was particularly interested in the free events programme offered by FfL. As a small, women-led business, Hope wanted to understand how she could grow her business and develop a marketing strategy with limited funds. She wanted to gain more confidence as a businesswomen and also be comfortable pitching for more business. The team at FfL suggested a series of workshops and seminars which helped Vanilla Orchid Bakery develop the necessary skills to grow the business. Hope firstly attended various courses designed to give Vanilla Orchid Bakery the skills to develop its marketing strategy and improve pitches and presentations. Secondly, Hope attended a series of "Women in Business" events in collaboration with Sev NECATI training, where she was able to work on her own personal development to improve communications and self esteem. Hope was able to put these newly developed skills into practice and consequently, she was quickly able to see the value as she secured a large new contract win with major fashion label Kenzo. "What attracted me to the FfL programme were the amazing seminars and events and they are Free! Just because (as a small business) I didn't have money, this didn't mean I couldn't develop a marketing strategy. The FfL team have given me this opportunity to learn and I now understand and appreciate the benefits of investing in yourself. Once you have invested in yourself this will help grow and develop the business." Hope Mutongwizo - Founder of Vanilla Orchid Bakery.

A young man called Steve has been having problems with anger. His family have asked him to get help because it has become an issue for the whole family. Steve lives in one of the most deprived areas where guns, gangs and violence is a big problem. Steve uses anger as a way of protecting himself from this lifestyle.

After experiencing one of our training courses:
One young man who took part told me the following week that someone had attempted to mug him that weekend and he had immediately thought about all the things he learned in your session which really helped him – this is testament to how valuable sessions like yours are to young people.

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