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Corporate & Private ConsultancyCorporate & Private Consultancy

We offer a bespoke approach, providing tailored solutions that reflect the diversity of the customers we serve. Sev Necati Training is committed to delivering the highest quality "Business Confidence", Personal Safety and Conflict Management training in the industry.

Our innovative programme "The Self-Esteem Programme" focus's on improving female's business confidence. We deliver workshops and seminars which support female business owners, women in business as well as those that run charities, community groups, and not for profit organisations.

Our "Personal Safety" and "Conflict Management" training is beneficial for all your staff and management, especially to those that are lone workers, carry out shift work and customer facing roles.

Are you are interested in training staff on personal aspects of staying safe in the workplace, whilst socialising, going to meetings, travelling aboard and leaving work?

If you are, then learn from an expert in the field that understands the real fears and concerns of the people you work with. You will receive added value benefits, such as less time off for stress and other health issues.

In addition meeting your health, safety and welfare regulations of employees act and equal opportunities and personal development policies.

The training can easily take place during lunch hours and / or after work.  All courses are tailored to suit learners needs.

The advise, techniques and tools demonstrated are real life-and practical.  Sev Necati Training is linked with the Self-Protection Association (SPA), the British Combat Association (BCA), Combative Oriental & Defendu Arts (C.O.D.A.), and also a leading group in the United States, the Gung Ho Chuan Association (GHCA).

"It allowed me to see the best way to handle emergency situations"

It makes good business sense to build a workforce that is competent and confident and that's what training gives you.


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