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Sev Necati Training has worked extensively with the Council and Youth Services.

We offer a bespoke approach, providing tailored solutions that reflect the diversity of the customers we serve. Sev Necati Training is committed to delivering the highest quality 'Personal Safety' and 'Conflict Management' training in the industry.

This training is beneficial for all your staff and management, especially to those that are lone workers, carry out shift work, work with large groups and those individuals or groups that may be challenging.

Your end-user can also benefit from our valuable training, working with an expert that understands the deep concerns and fears of some of the most hard to reach and vulnerable groups in our society today.

'Warrior Women' which was the winner of the Increasing Safety award at the Mayor's Domestic Violence awards. The project is included in the Domestic Violence 2007 Annual report, category one: for increasing the safe choices for women and children, including self-defence and empowerment work. All women that attended this course said in their evaluations how they had felt more confident after the training, how unaware they were of their rights and how they felt empowered after the training.

"It has helped me to stop becoming a victim, thank you."

If you are interested in our services for your staff or end-user then please contact us at

You can book your Training Courses online using Paypal.

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