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Sev Necati Training worked in partnership with The Metropolitan Police to deliver "Personal Safety" training courses to women and girls.

A multi-agency problem solving approach was adopted which identified specific geographical areas within the ward whereby the female community, including traditionally 'hard to reach' communities were based.

Sev worked with my team to deliver a high standard of teaching and professionalism, to females in the borough. The groups were of mixed age, background and ethnicity.

Sev's very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and this gives females the confidence to build on her advice. She is also, an outstanding workshop facilitator. Working with the highest integrity, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

She possesses an open and honest disposition, which allows her to facilitate interesting discussions between participants that are relevant. The training is informative and pitched to each at their level of learning. Individuals are able to relate to her teaching style. It is honest, straightforward and direct. The physical part is excellent and very well demonstrated.

Feedback from the girls and women that attend is overwhelming positive. The sessions are full of energy and effort. After the training there is increased self-esteem and confidence, as well as being enthused by the subject matter and approach. The sessions are empowering for females.

Sev is a pleasure to work with and we will continue to work with her.“

Inspector Chris Donaldson, The Metropolitan Police, Haringey    

Sev Necati is a truly exceptional individual, with a high level of intellect and strategic acumen to deliver community safety focused projects in any locality.

Coming from a strong community safety based background, she is highly skilled at applying logic and a common sense approach to the most challenging community based scenarios.

She utilizes her can do approach to bring out the best in those participating in initiatives. Whilst employed at Brent Council during 2012-2015 and working as a Ward Working Neighbourhood Co-coordinator , our team commissioned Sev to deliver a range of Community Safety based projects (ranging from personal safety to engaging young people) across Brent's most challenging and deprived wards.

The projects were delivered successfully and delivered above and beyond all outcomes. Sev was always reliable, providing a calm, positive approach to problem solving when difficult challenges occurred. She also provided an invaluable independent viewpoint and honest opinions throughout her project development to Council Officers and local Councillors.

Sev has the ability to move effortlessly from one project to another and has the ability to look at things from both a strategic and operational level. I would strongly recommend Sev for any future community safety based commission that require expertise in problem solving and partnership working across Boundaries.

Vikash Mistry, Partnership & Engagement Officer, West Midlands Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner

I've been working with Sev Necati for two years now on a great project that has helped the women of Brent to understand how to look after themselves and be aware of their surroundings if they ever got themselves in a tight corner.

I am very proud and pleased to be part of the project that helps members of our community feel a little safer.

I hope to continue to work alongside Sev with future project's if it means we can save someone's life. Well Done to all the ladies who have taken part and has completed the course.

J. James, Safer Neighbourhood Team.    

I have been meaning to email you for some time with regards to congratulating you on the self protection courses you provide for the vulnerable women on London's Boroughs.

You and your staff, welcomed all the women, provided refreshments, helped those who were unable to do so, complete their application and medical forms and put them at ease.

You, provided a good training session, making it entertaining for the nervous amongst us , and the course incorporated the age group, which I believe to be from approx 16 - 60.

All the women who partook appeared open and honest, even in front of me, being a police constable, after the initial look on their faces. As a group we were able to move on from my employment to many discussions, on women and how they are given the tools to protect themselves against the current violent culture that we are experiencing on a daily basis.

The audience participated and you were able to deal with the negative attitudes of a particular repeat victim, in a very professional manner. The practical was made to be enjoyed with the underlying message it would send to culprits that women can defend themselves, with their hands, legs and the kitchen sink called 'a women's hand bag'. The practical, I hope empowered women and I hope they took it all on board and can use it, as and when necessary.

On return to work I discussed this with my Sergeant and informed him that I enjoyed the day and would recommend it to anyone.“

PC268 Jacqui COTTER, Sapphire Project, Hackney    

This e mail is to report that I attended a one day Personal Safety Course on Saturday 28th April 2007 which was facilitated by Sevim NECATI.

I would like to add that I found the course extremely useful and would recommend her to you as her approach is straight forward and direct.

She is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and this gives you confidence to build on her advice.

If you wish to speak to me direct I can be contacted at Bishopsgate Police Station.

Belinda Harding
Safer Wards Team
Bishopsgate Police Station.

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