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It has been a pleasure having Sev deliver workshops at our centre. She really puts the women at the heart of her work and is so passionate and informed. It's been lovely collaborating with her and can't wait for the next course!'
Katherine Igoe-Ewer, Manager, Hub67

Sev started her self defense course in July at our local community centre. The feed back we got was from all of the students both young and old. All the students thought it was a great course not only did they learn self defense but also their legal rights. The course is suitable for all ages and abilities Sev ensures that no one is left out if they wish to learn. I feel it was the best self defense course we have had at our centre, and look forward to working again with Sev when we can raise some more funding.
Wendy Thomas, Community development Manager, HMP

The young people enjoyed the personal safety session; at first they were unsure but once Sev had explained and they understood there were a lot of practical activities they were up for it. The young people engaged well in the session because Sev made it relate to real life situations. They also had the opportunity to discuss situations they had been in or witnessed. The young people felt that Sev engaged well with them and after she left throughout the week there was lot's conversation about the techniques they had learnt in the session.

Joyclen Brodie-Mends, Youth Manager, Marsh Partnership

My name is Jess Pamphlett, I am a project worker at St Martins Housing Association; a support service for homeless and vulnerable young people aged 16-25. I contacted Ms Necati following an incident earlier this year where one of our tenants was assaulted; the aim being to raise self esteem amongst the young people we work with and to give them the resources to defend themselves should they get into a potentially dangerous situation.

I received very clear outlines for the content/ structure of the workshops, which allowed me to promote it throughout our service. Although it was a slight struggle encouraging the young people to fill out the registration forms, I was really impressed with the standard of risk assessment for H&S.

The young people who attended the workshops said that they enjoyed them and got a lot from the sessions; Ms Necati was engaging and clear, speaking to the young people on a level they could understand and facilitating some interesting discussions between the participants.

The workshop was well balanced between information (the legal side of defending yourself against attack) and participation, where the young people could talk through their experiences and have a go at practical self defence moves. These are young people who barely sit still for 45 minutes for a keywork session, so the fact that Ms Necati engaged them for 4 hours was a credit to her inclusive attitude and direct style of presentation.

I fully recommend the Personal Safety course as I believe it has been valuable in helping our vulnerable young people feel safer in Hackney. I hope to organise a further session with Ms Necati in a few months time for the young people who weren’t able to take part on this occasion, with a view to making this an annual activity that we offer our service users.

Best wishes,
Jess Pamphlett, Project Worker, St Martins Housing Association

Sev delivered personal safety training to a number of our learners aged between 16 -18 years old. The training was very informative and pitched for their levels. The style of delivery was hard hitting but honest and the learners engaged and participated well with the information. The physical part of the session was excellent and very well demonstrated. The learners were made aware at all times that the moves shown were only to be used in extreme circumstances which they fully understood. The role play activities allowed the learners to be assessed in a fun and interactive way which they thoroughly enjoyed. There was also adequate time for the class to reflect on their learning.
Health and safety sheets were filled out by all the learners prior to the session as were self assessment sheets. The session was set in a perfect time frame and provided our learners with the basics in personal safety training. They are already asking us when the next one is!!
Please feel free to contact me at any time for further information if required.

Yours sincerely
Jennifer Walmsley
Rathbone E2E TA

Sev, you were great and the young people fully appreciated your workshop. I always believe anything hands on is always appreciated. Well done and we will make sure this it is the first of many. You understand the young people, you are from the local area and have lived. These add to the skills that help engage in all we do. Well done and welcome to the Salaam Peace Family. A t-shirt will be yours next time we meet.

Sab Bham, Director Community Engagement

Sev was a very reliable and dedicated partner to work with, she put in every effort to ensure the course was fully booked and had an admirable determination to make it a success. Feedback about the course was positive and it also introduced a member of the group to other activities we were doing at Hub 67.

Sally Anthony, Centre Manager, Hub67

I think it was a very practical and beneficial session. The role plays were specifically helpful, the youngsters engaged a lot.

Ilkay Kucuk, Community Link Worker, Minik Kardes

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