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Would you like to contribute towards training courses for women and young people who have suffered abuse and trauma?  Would you like to benefit from having an association with us and our partners?

We are seeking sponsors from various sources, including the public and private sector who would like to discuss the opportunity to have their brand, information and interests displayed.

Sponsorship can include directly funding training courses, specific communities, individuals or groups of people that are most economically deprived.

Help us, help everyone
Picking up the pieces of violence and the affect it has on individuals, women, children and the community is estimated that is cost £800m per annum.  This figure is more likely to be higher then estimated.  It is estimated that an average of £30,000 is spent on each individual annually, in this situation.  The strain is not only felt by the individuals, but also by the NHS, the Mental Health Service, the Police, Social Services, Schools and all the other organisations that are set up to provide support.
We all pay the price in the end, with anti-social behaviour, drug crime and increased violent crime taking its toll.  The most costly violent crime is now estimated to be rape, which has increased significantly since 2000. Violent crime and emotional and physical impacts of crime account for a large fraction of the total cost of crime against individuals and households. 

Domestic violence
Many of the women we work with are victims of domestic violence.  British Council Safety (BCS) interviews in 2007/08 indicated that victims of domestic violence were most likely to experience repeat victimization.  With 45 per cent of victims being victimised more than once. Repeat victimisation accounts for 73 per cent of all incidents of domestic violence as measured by the BCS. Over one in four (27%) victims of domestic violence were victimised three or more times.  On average there will be 35 assaults before a victim calls the police.  On average, two women are killed a week.

The total current burden cost of crime against individuals and households in 2003/04 was around £36.2bn – we need the support of people and organisations like yourselves.  How would it make you feel if you helped reduce the burden to society, your communities, and individuals and vulnerable groups of people?

We would also like to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering your time and giving your expertise, knowledge and skills.  If you can help in anyway, for example, come along and give a talk or assist in the practical training, then please contact us.

You can book your Training Courses online using Paypal.

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