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Sucess StoriesAll names of our clients have to be changed for client confidentially purposes.

Rachel attended our training course, which was run over a number of weeks.

Rachel had experienced some problems as a female living in London alone.  Rachel wanted to increase her confidence and self-esteem.

1. Why you decided to do the Personal Safety course on "Street Safety" and the talk on "Managing Workplace Conflict"?

What lead me to do both were the challenging and hostile realities that I face living in London as a female. On a daily basis I face difficulties in accessing services, the transport system. At work having to deal with aggression and conflict. My personal experience has shown me that safety is especially important for a female from an ethnic minority.

2. Did you have any fears or problems before you decided to do the course?

Yes. I have experienced some tricky situations in public places where some individuals have tried to intimidate and threaten me. There and then I felt particularly vulnerable as I was alone.

3. What did you enjoy most about the training and talk?

The training course made me more aware of tools and resources that I could use in emergency situations. It showed me that there are effective ways of prevention, how to stay safe and protect oneself. "Sev you were great at nurturing assertiveness and confidence as well as showing how to evaluate tricky situations".

4. How do you think it has changed you, your perceptions of staying safe on the street, workplace etc? The course affected me in many ways as I learned that being alert, vigilant as well as being prepared and cool headed can assist me on a daily basis. It also showed how to regard the potential aggressor in a different perspective.

"I recommend the personal safety course and your services as a reliable and positive experience. I learned with you how to use personal safety tools and available resources in public places effectively. You also showed how to use prevention, verbal and physical tactics very well."

After training with us over a number of weeks Rachel has increased her self-esteem and confidence levels.  She understands why she had become a repeat victim and through the strategies and techniques she learned she was able to empower herself.

Rachel became empowered through knowledge, such as understanding her rights and how to change her perceptions of others.

Rachel has completed her training course with us. She wishes to learn more about the subject, as she understands how valuable the training has been to her.

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